F.R.L. Unit

F.R.L. Unit

Air Preparation Equipment F.R.L. Unit Features:
Fontal use traditional solid metal double male thread connector 
to avoid leak caused by aging rubber. 

The available choice of metal bowl making Fontal’s F.R.L series
has a good reputation of well reliability.

・Large flow rate
・Wide range of port size: Rc¼~2
・Various drainage way

  • image_F.R.L. standard.jpg
    Air Preparation Equipment F.R.L. Unit: Standard Type・Come standard with air filter, air regulator, air lubricator and optional for wide range of port size Rc¼~2 meet customer requi...

  • image_F.R.L. Mainture.jpg
    Air Preparation Equipment F.R.L. Unit:Miniature Series Miniature Series meet customer requirements with air filter, air regulator, air lubricator and various drainage ways include ...

  • image_F.R.L. Relief.jpg
    Air Preparation Equipment F.R.L. Unit: Relief Valve Quality relief valve control pressure in the fixed safe range by relieving excess pressure to increases the stability and securi...

  • image_F.R.L. Drain.jpg
    Air Preparation Equipment F.R.L. Unit: Drain ValveQuality drain valve can discharge water in the end of piping and the bottom of the gas barrel automatically, which is manpower-sav...

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Fontal หรือสินค้าอุปกรณ์นิวเมติกส์ที่ต้องการจากทุกหมวดหมู่ ซึ่งได้แบ่งไว้ตามประเภทสินค้า
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